Building the NASA Citizen Science Community

Hacienda Del Sol Guest Ranch Resort, Tucson, AZ
5601 N Hacienda Del Sol Rd, Tucson, AZ 85718
(520) 299-1501

With Thanks and Appreciation

We have completed our conference and the feedback has been very positive regarding the event and how enjoyable it was to interact with and meet new citizen scientists.   The work is just getting started with NASA planning to hold yearly meetings as they build their citizen science efforts.

Planetary Science Institute would like to extend a formal thank you for your participation, efforts and continued commitment to Citizen Science.

We have placed a short Survey Monkey link below.  Please take the time to complete the survey so that things that really worked can be kept the same and new ideas can improve the program.

Survey Monkey for Conference and Agenda Feedback

Agenda Final Version 6-17-19

Linked Talk Presentations in Agenda Order:

Thursday 6-20-19 Casa Luna AM

Mark Sykes, Planetary Science Institute
Marc Kuchner, NASA Citizen Science Officer
Heather Fischer, Oregon State U, GLOBE
Pamela Gay, PSI and CosmoQuest
Laura Trouille, Zooniverse
Ken-Ichi Ueda, iNaturalist
John Tweddle, OPAL
Darlene Cavalier, SciStarter

Thursday 6-20-19  Casa Luna PM

Elizabeth MacDonald, NASA Goddard
Meg Schwamb, Planet Hunter/Planet Four
Karl Battams, Sungrazers

Friday 6-21-19  Casa Luna AM

Zoran Popovic, Center for Game Science
Lucy Fortson, Zooniverse
Candice Hansen, PSI, JunoCam
Eric Palmer, PSI, PDS
Leigh Peake, Gulf of Maine Research Institute
Padma Yanamandra, Space Science Institute
Heather Fischer, Oregon State U

Friday 6-21-19  Casa Feliz AM

Rob Zellem, NASA, JPL
Michael Hartinger, Space Science Institute
Chuck Higgins, Middle Tenn State U, NASA Radio Jove Project
Constance Walker, NOAO

Friday 6-21-19  Casa Luna PM

Bill Teng, NASA Goddard, ADNET
James Acker, NASA Goddard, Earth Science Date & Info Services
Ulyana Horodyskyj, Colorado College
Marile Colon Robles, NASA, GLOBE Clouds
Noah Newman, Colorado State, CoCoRaHS
Patrick Miller, Hardin-Simmons U, IASC
Brian Day, NASA Ames (Emergency Cancel/AV Presentation Attached)

Friday 6-21-19 Casa Feliz PM

Julia Drapkin, I See Change
Aaron Meisner, NOAO, Backyard Worlds/Planet 9
Patrick Smith, Backyard Worlds/Planet 9 (No AV Presentation)
Dan Caselden, Backyard Worlds
Russ Genet, CA Polytechnic State U, Robotic Telescopes
Padma Yanamandra, Space Science Institute, Solar Polarization
Steve Silverberg, University of Oklahoma,

Saturday 6-22-19 Casa Luna AM

Brian Warner, Center for Solar System Studies

Kalee Tock, Stanford On-Line High School
Presenting – Peyton Robertson/Connor Espenshade/Jay Sarva
Presenting – Zach Haarz
Presenting – Beatrice Millar

Russell Genet, Astronomy Research Seminar and CubeSat
Rachel Freed, Institute for Student Astronomical Research
Robert Buchheim, Society for Astronomical Research
Carl Pennypacker, Hands-On University
Dolores Hill, University of AZ
Carl Hergenrother, University of AZ

Saturday 6-22-19 Casa Luna PM

Heather Fischer, Oregon State University, Snow Observations
John Kenny, Concordia University
Leona Davis, University of AZ, Project Harvest


Please reach out to Marc Kuchner with requests for contact emails not included with presentations.